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Promotion May 2022 - FIT

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Whey protein that offers 9g of protein per serving as well as essential minerals and amino acids. It may help you complement your daily nutrition while reaching and maintaining a healthy weight.

It may help you:


  • Maintain a healthy weight by curbing your appetite.
  • Keep a strong immune system.
  • Balance cholesterol and blood sugar levels.
  • Maintain digestive health by preventing gut disorders.  
  • Prevent the loss of lean muscle mass.

The best alternative to energy drinks since it delivers a great range of micro nutrients that may help keep your body physically and mentally active. Also, it may help promote a full-body detox.

It may help you:


  • Oxygenate and nourish at a cellular level.
  • Delay physical and mental fatigue.  
  • Promote a healthy weight loss.
  • Protect muscles and tissues from physical activity.
  • Boost and keep up your energy levels.
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